Faking It

Posted November 1, 2012 at 12:01am

There’s nothing like parody Twitter accounts to make us laugh in the face of the depressing news of the devastation on the Northeast coastline due to superstorm Sandy.

Interspersed between tweets revealing news of devastating fires, floods and power outages, political parody Twitter accounts such as @MittStormTips and @ElBloombito found a way to make us smile, poking fun at the personalities of our political figures.

“Candy esta unhealthyo so yo soy que giving out los celery para el tricko de treating,” reads a tweet from “Miguel Bloombito,” aka New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The parody account pokes fun at the billionaire mayor’s poor Spanish accent during press conferences in which he is trying to reach his Spanish-speaking constituents.

“Yo sigño un orderador executivo que bañning todos los candy esta mas bigger than “fun size”. Por que diabeticos no esta fun,” reads another Halloween gem from the @ElBloombito account, poking fun at Bloomberg’s attempt at banning extra-large sugary beverages.

@MittStormTips was also on a roll during the storm and its aftermath.

“Winds could be strong, so use extra rope when securing your dog’s kennel to the roof of your car. #MittStormTips #Sandy,” reads a tweet from the parody account, referencing GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney’s late dog Seamus, whom the candidate infamously strapped to the roof of his car during road trips.

And we’ll leave you with this one, a reference to Romney’s comment about 47 percent of Americans being freeloaders.

“My thoughts and prayers go out to 53% of you. #MittStormTips #Sandy.”