Landrieu’s Sweet Dog

Posted November 15, 2012 at 12:01am

Add Sen. Mary L. Landrieu to the list of lawmakers who firmly believe in canine helpers at the office.

HOH spotted the Louisiana Democrat walking her 10-year-old wheaten terrier into the Capitol on Wednesday morning and caught up with her later to get the details about her fluffy pal. Sugar Belle was a gift to her children after she won in 2002, “which was won on the sugar issue,” Landrieu said.

Sugar Belle makes appearances in the Capitol about once a month and stays in her human’s office, anxiously awaiting her lunchtime walk. “She’s not as well behaved as Splash,” Landrieu admitted, referring to the late Sen. Edward Kennedy’s late pooch.

When asked whether Sugar Belle spends any of her downtime with Dakota, retiring North Dakota Democratic Sen. Kent Conrad’s famously fuzzy canine companion, Landrieu said they have yet to meet. “If we ever had a play date, that would be our first choice,” she said.