Sutton Staff Packs Up

Posted November 16, 2012 at 12:01am

Rep. Betty Sutton has a reputation for being a demanding boss, and for having a high staff turnover rate. Earlier this year, the Sunlight Foundation gave the Ohio Democrat the distinction of having the worst turnover rate in the House. How bad? She had a 19 percent retention rate.

And the staff turnover keeps coming, even as she adjusts to the harsh reality of losing her re-election bid. Ohio lost two seats in reapportionment, and redistricting left her in a tough race with Republican Rep. James B. Renacci. Renacci won, 52 percent to 48 percent.

According to an HOH tipster, Sutton blamed her senior staff for her loss. Both her chief of staff, Angela Kouters, and her communications director, Anthony DeAngelo, tendered their resignations this week. Her office confirms the two staffers resigned, but it denies they were asked to leave.

“The entirety of the rest of her staff including myself … remain on the job,” says Samantha Heard, the district director and acting chief of staff.

Strangely, both of the ex-staffers lost their keys to the Capitol Hill office at the same time, so Heard tells us the office had its locks changed.

“Just to be safe,” she says.