Don’t Worry, We’re Laughing With Them

(Courtesy The Daily Bail)
(Courtesy The Daily Bail)
Posted November 30, 2012 at 12:07pm

Fans of full-on buffoonery are usually at the mercy of cable programmers when it comes to getting their fill of the clown kings of chaos, the Three Stooges. Critics of the government and public officials, however, find the antics of those typically jabbering away on C-SPAN just as outrageous.

Which is why whether browbeating Republicans about the fiscal cliff,

Cantor, McConnell and Boehner stooges
(Courtesy Joyce Bugg)
Obama, McCain, Clinton stooges
(Courtesy Blog for Arizona)

or berating their leadership styles in general,

McCarthy, Boehner and Cantor stooges
(Courtesy Newschops)
Obama, Pelosi and Reid stooges
(Courtesy SodaHead)

all roads eventually lead back to Larry, Curly and … hey, Moe!