Beasts of the Cannon Wild

Courtesy Facebook
Courtesy Facebook
Posted December 6, 2012 at 7:30pm

Giant taxidermied beasts are roaming the hallways of Congress.

In a truly epic move, Rep. Paul Broun’s office embarked on shuffling its collection of six animal heads, a full-bodied lion and a full-bodied bear from the old office into the new office.

Several staffers for the Georgia Republican snapped pictures of the moving taxidermy menagerie.

In 2010, CQ Roll Call reported on Broun’s hunting habit. In the article, the avid big-game hunter told us that he shoots to kill, eat, stuff and display. Whatever stuffed beasts don’t make it to his office are displayed in his Georgia home.

“If you walk into the front door of my house, I’ve got a two-story wall that’s just covered with moose, caribou, animals from Africa, sheep from Spain, white-tailed deer,” he said.

Broun doesn’t kill just for decoration, though. He has eaten every animal he’s killed, including both the lion and the bear that were spotted riding the elevators of the Cannon Building. He believes that eating the animal shows the beasts respect.