Lugar Announces Post-Senate Academic Gig

Posted December 7, 2012 at 11:47am

Longtime Sen. Richard G. Lugar, R-Ind., who lost a primary contest earlier this year, will expand his affiliation with the University of Indianapolis. He will rejoin the faculty after his term expires and help the university launch a high-level Washington internship, Lugar announced Friday.

The university also announced the Richard G. Lugar Academy, “a sweeping expansion of the university’s existing Lugar Center for Tomorrow’s Leaders. The university will add a branch office and a full-time staff position in Washington to support its new internship program, as well as conferences, symposia, policy studies and other activities of the academy,” a press release stated.

“I always have found UIndy students especially interested in preparing for leadership roles in campus and civic activities and potential political and public service opportunities,” Lugar said in the statement. “I look forward to sharing experiences and helping to shape student careers that will bring satisfaction to each student and a tremendous boost to progress in Indiana and the nation.”

On Oct. 16, Lugar filed a disclosure of employment negotiations with the University of Indianapolis and a recusal with the secretary of the Senate.

That wasn’t the only such disclosure the six-term lawmaker filed. On Nov. 8, he filed one identifying Georgetown University as a potential employer. On Oct. 9, he disclosed job negotiations with Keppler Associates Inc., an Arlington speaker’s bureau. And on Sept. 18, he disclosed negotiations with the German Marshall Fund of the United States.

A Lugar press contact did not respond to a request for comment on the status of the other employment negotiations.

Lugar has said he will remain in Washington after leaving the Senate.

Niels Lesniewski contributed to this report.