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Boehner, Card-Carrying VIC Member?

The fiscal cliff might be making most people anxious, but others are finally getting a little “me time.”

Last weekend, for example, Speaker John A. Boehner, R-Ohio, found himself in the middle of a very busy Sunday. While most people were at a boozy brunch or shuttling children to activities, Boehner rolled into a private spitball/negotiation session with the president of these United States.

That same day, however, the speaker apparently found the time to get some grocery shopping done at the Capitol Hill Harris Teeter, according to one HOH tipster.

“I didn’t know he went to the Teeter,” his spokesman, Michael Steel, told HOH. “But, he was in town over the weekend to deal with the fiscal cliff (he’s usually at home in Ohio or on the road for the team), so I’m not surprised he felt like cooking.”

“Is he a big cooker?” HOH asked. “Um, like a home chef, not a drug manufacturer,” we clarified.

“He rarely gets the chance,” Steel replied. “But, yes, he likes to cook.”

In our imaginings, the speaker is chopping away at leeks and mincing garlic. To one side his glass of red wine breathes, some “Tosca” plays in the background. He is zen, knowing he scored a grand bargain, thanks to his Harris Teeter Very Important Customer card.

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