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Young Shakes Cane at Protester

Rep. C.W. Bill Young, R-Fla., raised his cane to an uber-mouthy protester Monday, Tampa Bay’s Creative Loafing blog reports.

On Monday, a group of protesters gathered in Young’s district office. They ordered pizza, sang “fiscal cliff carols” and sat on Santa Claus’ lap to ask for “tax relief.” Santa — we assume he was not the real Kris Kringle, but an impersonator — even tried to hand the congressman a wrapped lump of coal. 

According to the blog, and the Tampa Bay Times, the whole protest was more annoying than anything else until quitting time. At that point, the congressman rolled up with several staffers and police officers in tow. One protester, computer programmer Chuck Terzian, demanded the congressman tell him how he will vote on middle-class tax cuts.

“It did not end well,” the blog reports. “Young grabbed the activist by the arm and raised his cane, largely looking like he was attempting to strike the protester until both were separated by the police officers present.”

Young’s office has promised to comment soon.

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