Hank Johnson Wrassles With Change

Posted December 13, 2012 at 1:37pm

Rep. Hank Johnson is fighting mad about what’s going on in Michigan. Thank god he was able to work out his feelings on the House floor Wednesday.

“Mr. Speaker, I was thinking to myself earlier today, what happens when you put in a cage fight a giant with a midget?,” the Georgia Democrat said, dangling a juicy, delicious peach of a question for C-SPAN watchers.

With everyone teetering on the edge of their seats, Johnson launched headlong into his David vs. Goliath tale.

“Well, the midget will not win the fight. I’m going to tell you that. Why? He just doesn’t carry enough weight to do so,” Johnson counseled. “But if you put 30 midgets in with that giant, then the midgets have a chance.”

Johnson eventually tossed aside the midget-cage-fighting metaphor and got to his actual point: the Michigan GOP’s decision to turn the Wolverine state into right-to-work territory is an affront to the National Labor Relations Act.

Now, whether businesses should lock horns with midgets or whether giants are entitled to tangle with collective bargaining rights is something for the free market to decide.

But we can say, with absolute certainty, midget wrestlers have no bones about mixing things up with whomever: