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Fiscal Cliff Inspires Sugar Daddy Site

Sorry, male reporters and lower-level government workers. According to the website Seeking Arrangement, rational, heterosexual women like dating only wealthy men.

With all the fiscal cliff bruhaha shenanigans swirling about, the sugar daddy/sugar baby matching site has helpfully offered reduced prices on membership.

“Ladies, you’re spending your hard-earned money to make sure the holidays will be perfect for your loved ones,” Seeking Arrangement’s advertisement begins. “Meanwhile, in Washington, D.C., your elected officials can’t agree on how to avoid the fiscal cliff. If they can’t reach a compromise by Dec. 31, you’ll have to pay up to $2,000 more in taxes next year.

“That’s two grand less to spend on gifts, rent, clothing, tuition, the list goes on,” the ad continues.

If you’re pretty, however, another option is open to you.

“Instead of feeling powerless, attractive women are improving their financial situation,” ¬†claims the ad.

And just how are attractive women improving their financial situations? Obviously, by dating successful men. Well, now that is groundbreaking. Tell us more.

“Women have discovered that beauty is an asset that can transcend any fiscal cliff,” the voice guy intones happily.

According to the advertisement, the average sugar daddy is 39 years old, college-educated and says he spends $3,000 pampering his very special lady friend.

“Until the fiscal cliff is avoided, Seeking Arrangements is offering free premium memberships to women in the U.S. who want to be spoiled,” promises the ad.

Palm, meet your old friend forehead.