Ticketmaster’s Inaugural Nightmare Isn’t Over

Posted January 7, 2013 at 7:52pm

Ticketmaster can’t catch a break.

The ticket-selling giant caused quite the ruckus Sunday when it sent out the link
for buying tickets to the official presidential inaugural ball and parade
earlier than it was supposed to. Before 8 p.m. Sunday, one day before tickets were supposed to be released, Ticketmaster’s servers were down and the events had been sold out.

The company quickly took responsibility for the glitch, but it also decided that the die had been cast and the tickets that had been sold would be honored.

Unfortunately for some, Ticketmaster’s original misfired email — the one sent Sunday with the link to buy tickets — was delayed in delivery.

On Monday afternoon, some unlucky few received the delayed email inviting them to buy tickets to already sold-out events.

“[S]ome customers … have just received the email about upcoming Inaugration events that was originally sent last night. This is not a new email,” Ticketmaster spokeswoman Jacqueline Peterson said in an email. “It was originally sent last evening and it appears that either the ISP and/or the email provider(s) held the delivery of this email.”

They never had a chance.