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Is James Taylor a ‘Mean Old Man’?

Musician James Taylor is a tough man to get in contact with, even if you’re family. (Douglas Graham/CQ Roll Call File Photo)
Musician James Taylor is a tough man to get in contact with, even if you’re family. (Douglas Graham/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

On Monday, iconic folk singer James Taylor performed “America the Beautiful” for President Barack Obama’s second inaugural ceremony as hundreds of thousands of people watched live from the National Mall.

Among those not in attendance, though, was Taylor’s son, Ben, a singer in his own right who had hoped to connect with his dad but eventually left town before the big ceremony Monday.

He perched on a stool with an acoustic guitar, accompanied by another guitarist at the toques’ fete. Taylor began his set by complimenting the women of the nation’s capital. Apparently, he never expected that Washington would have such attractive women.

After he played, the younger Taylor, who is the son of one of music’s more famous couples — Carly Simon and father James — told HOH he had made the trip to D.C. not for the inauguration but because he was hoping to see his “old man.”

When we asked if he was hoping to tag along with his father to an inaugural ball or two, the younger Taylor said: “I think … I mean, he has a long list of people who are ahead of me in line.” Ben Taylor told us that he tried to call his father to meet up with him, but that James Taylor hadn’t returned his call.

According to Ben Taylor, his “old man” doesn’t necessarily mean to be neglectful but is focused on his younger children, twin 11-year-old sons from his third marriage.

Before he left, Ben Taylor said he was holding out some hope that he might get to see his father during the weekend.

Perhaps he spoke to his dad and maybe he didn’t, but by 8 a.m. Sunday, Ben Taylor was already at the airport, when HOH lost track of the younger musician. Subsequent efforts to reach him were unsuccessful. Perhaps it runs in the family. We couldn’t get ahold of James Taylor either.

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