Sci-Fi Comes to D.C.

Posted January 28, 2013 at 8:24pm

For fiction readers, Washington, D.C., is more well-known as a backdrop for political intrigue (see the works of Brad Metzler) or gritty crime (ditto for George Pelecanos).

This Wednesday, however, two Washington-based novelists, Justin McLachlan and CQ Roll Call’s own Rebecca Gale, will be discussing their work, which encompasses the world of science fiction and the paranormal, at the Busboys and Poets at 1025 Fifth St. NW.

Gale’s novel “Trying” begins as many capital-centered novels do: A young, optimistic girl comes to the District and learns a thing or two about how the government and life really works. In this case, however, Gale’s heroine has her life turned upside down by a powerful, dangerous government contractor who is poisoning analysts with radioactive doses of knowledge.

McLachlan’s series featuring his hero, Dr. Van Jacobs, kicks off in San Diego but quickly submerges the good doctor in a plot featuring a sketchy, secret government agency and some weirdness regarding how time and space are put together. The panel kicks off at 7 p.m. and will be moderated by CQ Roll Call’s David Hawkings.