Top 8 Things We Hope Ben Smith Asks Marco Rubio

Posted February 5, 2013 at 1:08pm

Viral vid haven BuzzFeed is getting all journalistic on Tuesday evening, pinning down Sen. Marco Rubio at 201 Bar for the debut of political Q&A series dubbed “BuzzFeed Brews.”

The media circus will be emceed by former CQ Roll Caller cum BuzzFeed Washington Bureau Chief John Stanton, while BuzzFeed Editor-in-Chief Ben Smith will attempt to peel the onion that is the GOP’s great off-white hope.

Given that the Florida Republican has been interviewed ad nauseam since the tea party catapulted him to Capitol Hill in late 2010, and again this past summer when White House hopeful Mitt Romney flirted with the idea of diversifying his flagging campaign, here’s hoping Smith et al. will hit Rubio with some left-of-center inquiries, including:

Chuck Todd gif
(Courtesy BuzzFeed)

1) Why DO people care about politics?


Prom-bombing dad

2) When the time comes, are you prepared to prom-bomb Amanda and/or Daniella?


Super Bowl blackout haters
(Courtesy WeKnowMemes)

3) What did President Barack Obama have to gain by delaying the Super Bowl for 35 minutes?


Iranian justice
(Courtesy BuzzFeed)

4) Yea or nay on crippling criminals in public?


Meghan McCain crick stomping

5) More fun: drinking or crick stomping?


Scott Stapp mugshot

6) Crummiest concert you’ve ever attended?


Fidel Castro steps out
(Courtesy BuzzFeed)

7) Least likely to show at the next “BuzzFeed Brews”: Fidel Castro or Sen. Al Franken?


(Courtesy Cathie Heath)

8) Did my water break?

Inquiring minds want to know.