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The Joy of Accidentally Forwarded Emails

In what is becoming a semi-regular feature at HOH, the Democrats are making us chuckle on their listservs again.

This time the fun is being broadcast all over the Democratic chief of staff and legislative director listservs.

“This is from the ‘Joys of Accidentally Forwarded Emails’ file,” writes our HOH tipster.

On Tuesday afternoon, one diligent staff director sent out an email with the subject line: “New Media Director/Speechwriter.”

“Senior Democratic Member of Congress seeks a New Media Director/Speechwriter for Washington, DC office,” the ad begins. For those who are interested, the job requires speech writing experience and the ability to use social media.

“This is not an entry-level position and experience beyond the intern level is required,” the ad concludes.

The rapid response came from the same office’s “chief counsel and senior strategist.” She replied to both listservs and her colleague that she liked the ad, but would flip the order.

Our tipster, however, was a bit more critical. 

“I wonder whether they see a lot of overlap in the skill set of a speechwriter and new media director?” our spy writes. “‘We’re looking for Ted Sorensen but in 140 characters or less?'”

“After all,” the tipster snarks. “You find all the best writers in social media. Pinterest being a perfect preparation for writing that next floor statement … as long as it’s done only with floor charts and no actual talking.”

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