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Drop the Bow and Arrow, Cupid!

Leave it to the Senate sergeant-at-arms to add to the pressure all you coupled-up staff members on Capitol Hill are feeling to please your significant others on Valentine’s Day.

In an email sent Feb. 7 to administrative staff on the Senate side of Capitol Hill, the sergeant-at-arms took the time to remind staffers the rules of receiving flowers and gifts on Capitol Hill.

If you’re looking to send a box of long-stem roses to your sweetie on the Hill, the sergeant reminds you that packages sent through FedEx, UPS and DHL get holed up in an off-site mail and package testing facility for about 72 hours before being delivered to the Capitol.

In other words, save your money. Trust us, dead roses received after the holiday will not go over well.

For those sending flowers to your boo on the Hill through a courier service, know that your sweetheart will have to trek outside — likely to a location outside the pop-up vehicle barriers around the Capitol perimeter — to meet that delivery person and carry a heavy vase back through the Capitol metal detectors to the comforts of his or her office. So romantic!

And forget sending sealed envelopes or containers filled with goodies. The sergeant reminds staff that from Tuesday to Feb. 19, those items are prohibited from being carried into Senate buildings.

To all you well-meaning boyfriends and girlfriends looking to do something nice for your sweethearts on this Hallmark holiday: Save your romantic gestures for after work hours. There are just too many hoops to jump through to be Cupid on Capitol Hill.

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