D.C. Journalists Crack Wise

Posted February 26, 2013 at 6:59pm

Based on the comments we read on news articles and the angry emails we’ve received in our inboxes, HOH is well aware that criticizing/heckling/hating on the media is a favorite pastime of many here in Washington.

Which makes us pretty sure that the annual Commedia dell Media event — which features 13 reporters trying their hands at stand-up comedy to raise money for charity — will be right up our readers’ alleys.

Heckle them if they fail (and we’re sure some will)! Laugh at them if they succeed! And feel good that even if you’re throwing metaphorical tomatoes, you will be doing a good deed by supporting charities such as Writopia Lab, which funds creative-writing workshops for children ages 8 to 18, and Reach Incorporated, which helps teach grade school children to read.

The event will be held at 8 p.m. Thursday at The Hamilton. Tickets are $20 in advance and $30 at the door, which opens at 7 p.m.

It will be emceed by The Huffington Post’s Brandon Wetherbee, and features stand-up from: Politico’s Jonathan Allen and Patrick Reis, C-SPAN’s Libby Casey, Fox Business News’ Rich Edson, National Journal’s Elahe Izadi, NPR’s Renita Jablonski, CBS Radio’s Chris Lingebach, The Nation’s Health’s Natalie McGill, DCist’s Valerie Paschall, The Washington Post’s Alexandra Petri, The Washington Times’ Kat Timpf, CCTV’s Mike Walter and CQ Roll Call’s Meredith Shiner.