Mike Lee’s Sequester Swap-O-Rama

Posted February 27, 2013 at 6:01pm

Utah Republican Sen. Mike Lee has taken to social media to build his case for what he considers are more sensible spending cuts, prodding taxpayers to weigh in on the potentially devastating sequestration rollbacks by advocating to #CutThisNotThat.

Lee and his staff have spent the better part of the day pitching various “A or B” policy prescriptions via Twitter and Facebook. Those efforts have included deriding “free government cell phones” in favor of border security, demanding a halt to food testing by the space program to salvage teachers’ salaries and this patriotic nonequivalence:

Part of Mike Lee's #CutThisNotThat campaign
(Courtesy Sen. Mike Lee)

To be fair, we’ve never heard of roving bands of destitute individuals invigorating local economies with wanton spending sprees.

Now, drunken sailors …