Mike Lee, From Drones to Jell-O

Posted March 6, 2013 at 4:44pm

Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, offered his colleague Sen. Rand Paul a brief respite on the Senate floor after the Kentucky Republican spoke for more than three hours in a talking filibuster of President Barack Obama’s nominee to head the CIA.

When Lee finished his relief appearance, he returned to his office in the Hart Senate Office Building to meet and greet an assortment of constituents, Senate pages, students and other visitors who had stopped by for the office’s weekly Wednesday afternoon constituent Jell-O. The event is an open house of sorts, similar to the constituent coffees popular in Senate other offices.

A few pages made the trip from the floor, where they’ve been carefully watching Paul lead Lee and other colleagues in the unusual in-person talk-a-thon style of filibuster, which came about to highlight Paul’s objection to the topic of the Obama administration’s policy regarding targeted drone strike killings.

Visitors to Lee’s third floor office in Hart were treated to traditionally green Jell-O with just a touch of whipped topping, as well as photos and introductions with Lee.

Not coincidentally, Jell-O brand gelatin is the official state snack of Utah, and yes, HOH means the brand name. In Utah it seems, the state legislature will accept no substitutes.