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Parody PACs Line Up Against McGovern

Performance artist J. Mark Inman, whose previous pièce de résistance was weirding out reality TV space cadet Paula Abdul, recently turned his talents to politics, flooding the Federal Election Commission with a raft of new paperwork that may or may not be totally on the level.

Divining the truth from Inman is a tedious process, given that the self-proclaimed funnyman — “Although I am a comedian and have been on national TV … you are not a comedian and need to take the correct procedures instructed,” he warns FEC administrators in one of his filings —appears constitutionally opposed to delivering straight answers.

Instead, he shrouds every response in doublespeak (“If you decide to make your art disruptive, so be it, we are not going to disrupt your disruptions,” he counseled in an email), third-person narratives (“Mr. Inman has no intention to muddy the political waters. But I can’t know this,” he relayed under the guise of a purported “bot”) or outright nonsense (“The guy is exactly hitler. I need a friend.”).

What we do know is that Inman, operating as Secret Handshake Corporation (his entertainment arm) and Quewl LLC (his computer science operation), registered a number of political action committees late last month. Those entities include Renaissance PAC, BestPartyUSA PAC ORG, Best Party USA PAC and PAC Designed to Confuse the Public.

It appears, however, that Inman failed to lock down the one mouthpiece he desired: End the Slavery Amendment PAC.

Inman’s End the Slavery initiative is purportedly a push-back against the “People’s Rights Amendment” advanced by Massachusetts Democratic Rep. Jim McGovern — Inman’s former congressman. Rep. Niki Tsongas, D-Mass., currently presides over Inman’s redistricted hometown.

McGovern’s proposal is itself a response to the Supreme Court’s Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission decision.

Inman’s endgame?

Defending corporate personhood. Because ticking off businesses, and the computers that run them, will lead only to ruin.

“Drone warfare is dangerous in a world with sentient computers. We don’t want ‘Terminator 4’, the reality series,” Inman counseled.

Not to worry, though.

Even if McGovern, and by extension humanity, should fail to see the folly of opposing our web-enabled overlords (“We Have Total Control Already; Resistance is useless,” Inman warns), salvation may still be possible.

“Vote for: J. Mark Inman: US Senate. Party designation: Best Party USA Republican,” Inman shoehorned into our final (?) exchange. “You have no other reasonable choice.”

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