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The Line Between Friend and Co-Worker

Roll Call’s Hill Navigator advice column helps staffers with sticky or complicated situations they find themselves in on Capitol Hill. Each week, we take the most interesting submissions from our inbox and answer your concerns. This week: when the firing hits close to home.

Q: A few months ago, a personal friend’s boss (who is also my boss in a different capacity) asked me to find a new staff member for him. Soon after, I realized that I was finding a replacement for my friend, who is essentially having all of his responsibilities stripped from him, though not being fired, in what I have come to call promote-a-firing. Eventually, my friend is going to realize what’s going on and completely hate me for having a role in the entire thing. When this happens, how do I walk the line between professional responsibility and friendly loyalty without failing at both?
Q: I have been doing a bunch of info meetings with Hill staffers. I don’t want to be annoying, but what’s the best way to follow up, and how often should I do it?
Q. What are some other ways to get involved with politics besides being engaged on the Hill?
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