Dissecting Priebus’ Pieplomacy

Posted April 9, 2013 at 6:41pm

In an effort to shame President Barack Obama into a little belt tightening ahead of Wednesday night’s dinner summit with GOP lawmakers, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus has offered to spring for pizza for the hush-hush sit-down.

“Instead of eating out as the president and senators did last month, I suggest they eat in. With their budgets tight in the struggling economy, many families are doing exactly that,” Priebus chided in a release.

Given that “44” has agreed to keep the soiree in-house, here are a couple of establishments with which Priebus could make good on his word (while still behaving badly).

District of Pi: POTUS has gone on record about his love of the St. Louis-based pies. Twisting the knife in the back of every native Chicagoan can only erode his base.

Domino’s: Founder Tom Monaghan has sued the federal government over the mandatory contraception provisions in the president’s signature health care overhaul.

Papa John’s: Founder and CEO John Schnatter famously pledged to pass along to consumers any perceived cost increases associated with complying with the health care law.

We, the Pizza: Michelle Obama can’t step foot in that place — which she does, quite often—without the fun police throwing that whole “Let’s Move!” healthy dining thing back in her face.

DiGiorno: If POTUS can’t tell the difference, we should all agree to stop tracking his dining adventures.