Lautenberg Hopes to Return to D.C. for Gun Votes

Posted April 15, 2013 at 12:58pm

New Jersey Sen. Frank R. Lautenberg “hopes” to return to Washington this week to provide crucial votes for Democrats looking to advance gun control legislation.

The 89-year-old retiring Democrat has not cast a vote since Feb. 28.

“Senator Lautenberg is feeling better and hopes to be in Washington for gun votes this week,” Lautenberg spokesman Caley Gray said in an email.

The Senate voted last week to open debate on a gun package that includes a bipartisan amendment to expand the country’s background check system. That measure is slotted to get a vote on Tuesday, though it is still unclear whether there are enough votes to pass it, with or without Lautenberg.

He has been a leader on gun issues and worked on legislation to ban high-capacity gun magazines.