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Mike Quigley’s Budding Bromance

Sounds like Rep. Mike Quigley, D-Ill., is thrilled to learn that he’s got a secret admirer in the think tank scourge, the Panel Crasher.

After HOH reported on PC’s respect for the potty-mouthed pol, Quigley

on PC’s respect for the potty-mouthed pol, Quigley tweeted out his desire to hang with the anonymous cheerleader:


Quigley spokeswoman Laura Sisemore said the office has put feelers out to try to piece together PC’s true identity. So far, they’ve drawn a blank.

As for the hockey/hot dog invite, Sisemore said the offer is totally serious and remains on the table.


“The congressman never passes up an opportunity to have a good time at Superdawg,” she assured HOH.

PC, who wandered onto campus Tuesday to clown on the Taco Bell-inhaling masses, appreciates the attention but isn’t packing his bags for Chi-town just yet.

“Doubtful that a member … is gonna spend taxpayer money to fly a blogger to Hawks game,” PC shared. “But a guy can dream.”

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