Republicans Eye Bill Cassidy’s Seat #LA06 | The Field

Posted April 21, 2013 at 8:00pm

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Rep. Bill Cassidy’s, R-La., decision this month to challenge Democratic Sen. Mary L. Landrieu opened a highly desirable district for ambitious Republicans, including a former congressman.

According to GOP sources, there are several Republicans seriously considering running for the 6th District, which President Barack Obama lost by 34 points last year. The district is based in Baton Rouge, but it stretches arms out in several directions, including into the outskirts of New Orleans.

The field of potential Republican candidates could be long, though several of the following people are based in Baton Rouge. It’s unlikely they would all attempt to run from the same home turf. The list includes:

  • State Sen. Dan Claitor
  • State Rep. Erich Ponti
  • State Rep. Hunter Greene
  • State Rep. Steve Carter
  • Former Rep. Jeff Landry

Landry, who lost a member-vs.-member race last year, doesn’t live in the district. However, that wouldn’t necessarily preclude him from running. He also recently launched a super PAC to help House conservatives, something he’d likely need to disassociate from before running.

Despite the district’s GOP lean, the first two candidates to enter the race were both Democrats. The most recent entrant was Quentin Anderson, who filed his campaign with the Federal Election Commission on Monday. According to his online resume, the recent law school graduate was a field organizer for the Obama campaign last year.