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Furlough Trouble

Is your office affected by furloughs? This week, C. Simon Davidon’s bimonthly column in Roll Call is dedicated to explaining the rules for staffers on furlough who are trying to make extra cash.

The short answer: Don’t try to work at your old law firm. You’re better off sitting this one out.

Q. I am chief of staff for a member of the House with a question about how House ethics rules might impact staffers on furlough. The recent sequester has cut budgets for members’ offices, and we are working through how to deal with the cuts. I am wondering whether the rules would allow staffers to do part-time work with their former law firms if they are placed on furlough. I know that conflict-of-interest rules prohibit staffers from doing some types of outside work, including legal work for clients. But, would this restriction apply to staffers on furlough? And, would it apply even if the staffers were to do purely administrative work and perform no legal services at a law firm?

his full answer here

And if you have any additional questions on handling the delicate etiquette matters that come with putting hardworking and often under-compensated staff on unpaid leave, send them in.  All Hill Navigator submissions are treated anonymously.

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