Know Your Birch Beers!

Jason Dick
Posted May 27, 2013 at 9:23am

OUTSIDE HERSEY, Pa. — When it comes to birch beer, that quintessential of Pennsylvania soft drinks, I knew about regular old brownish birch beer and red birch beer. I even knew about golden birch beer (from a stop at Wert’s Cafe in Allentown, Pa., years ago) and had heard rumors of blue birch beer. But white birch beer was a whole new world until stopping at a rest stop somewhere off I-81 and purchasing a Frozen Run Birch Beer from a vending machine.

Frozen Run Birch Beer, a nice road beverage. (Jason Dick/CQ Roll Call.)
Frozen Run Birch Beer is a nice road beverage. (Jason Dick/CQ Roll Call)

It’s “one of the more harder-to-find and sweeter Pennsylvania Birch Beers out there,” according to Soda Finder.