When #Natitude Meets #Expotude at Cafe Olimpico

Jason Dick
Posted May 29, 2013 at 10:24am

MONTREAL — “Because you stole our team. Because you stole our team,” the Cafe Olimpico barista warbled as he poured our cafe au laits. It was an impromptu serenade playfully indicting us for the crime of being Washington Nationals fans. The tell? It was the curly W iPhone case.

Getting served cafe au lait — and an Expo lamentation — in Montreal. (Photo courtesy Fawn Johnson)

It was also a sign of how much the Montreal Expos’ migration to D.C. is ingrained in the psyche of this proud and eccentric city. Cafe Olimpico, a coffee bar in the Mile End neighborhood and a favored hangout of hometown band Arcade Fire, has a pretty distinct counter-cultural vibe. Soccer and tennis seem more like the favored sports here.

Cafe Olimpico is one of the Mile End's more storied hangouts. (Jason Dick/CQ Roll Call)

But no real worries. It was all joshing around.

“How are they doing this year?” the barista asked. Better than average.