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‘Smoke Show’ Democrat Could Have Home at Conservative Pub

Assuming no congressional office has already called dibs, the forward-thinking folks at the Washington Free Beacon want the smoldering Seminole with her heart set on working for free in D.C. to know they’ve reserved a special place just for her.

The online paper Thursday jumped into the bidding war for the jobless “smoke show” that HOH told you about Wednesday. Her GOP staffer friend had gamely advertised — via a congressional email list — her physical attributes but lamented that because she was a Democrat, he was having trouble finding her a job.

The Free Beacon summarily browbeat those who had chosen to fixate on the Florida State University alumna’s looks instead of applying the “walk and chew gum” standard of hiring practices.

“I’d like to remind everyone, Hill internship coordinators and scolding scolds alike, how qualified does one have to be to become an intern at Congressional office?” Associate Editor Robert Charette argued via his company-sponsored blog. “Can she answer a phone professionally and not get her tour lost in the Capitol? Sign her up!”

“WFB would be happy to have her join the team,” Charette wrote.

The Washington Free Beacon did not respond to inquiries about what the aforementioned woman in question might be tasked with were she to come aboard.

Meanwhile, the author of the original post did not return emails regarding who else, if anybody, was interested in rolling the dice on his lady friend. (Wonder if he’s still employed …)

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