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Capitol Hill Counter-Programming in Stanton Park?

Roll Call After Dark is fully dedicated to reporting on the knick-knack nature of street art and off-color slogans that periodically pop up on Capitol Hill.

The following caught our eye the other day while walking in Stanton Park.

Obviously not planted there by Roll Call After Dark. (Jason Dick/CQ Roll Call.)
Obviously not planted there by Roll Call After Dark. (Jason Dick/CQ Roll Call)

Rest assured this isn’t a slogan we fully endorse, what with a full slate of decent places to eat and drink in the neighborhood. Just letting you know it’s out there.

There is a blog out there called Eat at Home Everyday Food for Busy People, but the writers don’t strike us as the kind of folks who plaster bumper stickers in public parks. The blog writer states in her “about” section that “if there’s a shortcut for something, I’ll probably find it. I hate busy work. Oh, and I love Disney World! I hope you’ll hang out here with us. Gather up some new recipes and let me know how you and your family like them.”

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