Cheesemonger Serves Up FDA Protest

Posted June 13, 2013 at 4:56pm

A Food and Drug Administration plan to curb domestic consumption of Mimolette, a French cheese that’s brought to market with the help of some microscopic, rind-chomping mites, has prompted one local businesswoman to give away the soon-to-be-contraband in protest.

According to Cheesetique Founder Jill Erber, the government crackdown was set in motion this past March, when the FDA put the brakes on further shipments of the bowling-ball-shaped fromage, trapping tons of the stuff at the port in New Jersey.

The biggest concern: that the aforementioned parasites, which Erber said remain relegated to the rough brown exterior of the cheese, might cause an unspecified allergic reaction among consumers.

“You would have to take an uncleaned wheel and rub it all over your face to get any significant exposure,” Erber argued, noting that, “Mimolette is not the only cheese in the world that has microscopic mites.”

She’s battling back against the de facto ban by offering free quarter-pound slabs of the aged Gouda-like cheese to everyone that posts a “frowny face” picture on the retailer’s Facebook page by June 16.

Erber told HOH she’s expecting about 50 pounds of the savory stuff on June 18 and assured us that she’ll begin distributing the gratis samples at both her Del Ray and Shirlington, Va., locations just as soon as it all arrives.

“The public should have the right to choose what they want to eat,” the defiant dairy maven said.