Austin Scott’s Plea for Photo Requests Not What He Pictured

Posted July 1, 2013 at 10:22am

Nothing like kicking off a recess week with a light, breezy photo project.


We imagine that’s what Rep. Austin Scott, R-Ga., had in mind when he tweeted out plans to bring his constituents behind the scenes of a congressional office. The monthlong #CongressionalPhotoADay will offer snapshots of life in the legislative trenches.

Whereas he was no doubt envisioning a low-key slideshow of noncontroversial moments — “fireworks,” “selfie with a staffer,” and “something funny” are all on the to-do list — his Facebook followers seem to have a completely different agenda in mind.

Requests for images include:

  • Your top corporate donors!
  • I want pictures of: IRS employees and those responsible for their targeting of conservatives, AG Holder for Fast and Furious and lying to congress, and Hillary and Obummer for Bengazi; ALL in handcuffs.
  • Forget the pic a day stuff, work on the FairTax, get that passed.
  • You, standing before Congress, offering a motion to impeach OBAMA.
  • Congress working…oh, wait.

Keep that camera ready and, er, in focus, congressman.