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Rohrabacher Spokeswoman Jumps to ‘Real News’

Tara Olivia Setmayer, the long-standing spokeswoman for Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-Calif., stands poised to leap from behind the scenes directly into the limelight when she joins the ranks of TheBlaze’s New York City-based news team this August.

Setmayer is set to slide into one of the co-host chairs at “Real News,” a weeknight current events roundup show presented by conservative firebrand Glenn Beck.

The Garden State native told HOH she’s excited to begin the next chapter of her career, but she already anticipates a bittersweet pseudo-breakup with D.C.

“I will miss how everyone talks in acronyms no one outside of Washington understands. It’s like our own nerdy political language,” she said of the inside-the-bubble banter that clouds the air in This Town.

But Setmayer is already looking forward to the day Fifth Avenue comes a-calling.

“My dream present day interview would be the day my fiance makes the cover of Forbes Magazine’s Billionaires issue. ‘From Brooklyn to Billionaire’ … I already have the title ready!’ she gushed.

Cutting ties with Congress will also be tough, given all it’s meant to her. Setmayer billed the day President George W. Bush commuted the sentences of the two border patrol agents jailed for shooting a Mexican drug runner — an effort she said she spearheaded for nearly three years — as the “most rewarding day of my professional life.”

And confidence is high she’ll not soon forget the time protesters bashed her boss in song.

“The weirdest day, hands down, has to be when a large group of CodePink activists invaded Congressman Rohrabacher’s office to induct him into their ‘Hall of Shame,’” she recounted. “They sang an original jingle, in harmony I might add, right there in the office lobby.”

Once this TV thing runs its course, Setmayer might even try to come back in a more official capacity.

“I would love to run in north New Jersey, where I’m from,” she hinted. (Watch your back, Rep. Scott Garrett.)

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