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Caption This: Cain-Bachmann Smile High Club

We don’t pretend to know what, exactly, former GOP presidential hopefuls Herman Cain and Rep. Michele Bachmann were actually discussing in this candid shot of the two during presumably better days.


We’d like to believe that the “Herminator” — seen here sporting a sly grin, so it’s likely this was before he bailed out of the race amid a growing chorus of sexual-harassment allegations — just finished asking the stewardess something saucy like, “Wanna bone?”

Bachmann also seems to be in high spirits. Guess the crushing weight of bowing out of politics/having to dismiss a

/having to dismiss a sticky-fingered senior aide were still too far off in the distance to spoil this mid-flight feast of fried chicken.

Perhaps we’re overthinking things.

What do you imagine was being said/going on?

Fire away in the comments section below.