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Tortilla Coast Makes Celebrating National Tequila Day Easy

Happy National Tequila Day!

Whoever dreamed up a day of celebrating such a spirit as this gets bonus points from this native Arizonan. A great place to properly observe such a holiday is right here in our backyard, at the Capitol Hill Tortilla Coast (400 First St. SE). The House-side watering hold will be serving up $5 frozen margaritas all day. Merriment is to ensue.

Now, Roll Call After Dark acknowledges that the history of Tequila consumption in the United States has some context to it, leading to songs like The Eagles’ “Tequila Sunrise” as well as Pee Wee Herman’s immortal dance rendition.

And for those scared off from bad Tequila experiences, it’s time to put those bad spring break decisions in the past. Tequila is a smooth friend and worthy of more than being associated with just darkened 3 a.m. memories in South Padre Island.

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