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John Yarmuth Eulogizes His Cat

On a day when some on Capitol Hill were busy trying to connect with the animal kingdom, Rep. John Yarmuth had to say goodbye to one of his whiskered buddies.

The Kentucky Democrat broke the news about the passing of Rice, his 13-year-old cat, via Facebook.

“Rice was a dedicated family man, close adviser, and friend to virtually any visitor to the Yarmuth home,” Yarmuth said of his cherished companion. A Yarmuth aide told HOH the beloved pet died of natural causes.

The cat, who was apparently named after NFL receiving legend Jerry Rice, seems to have been an integral part of Yarmuth’s existence.

“Rice was generous with his affection and most content resting on the lap of his Congressman. His photo has long served as the wallpaper on many electronic devices,” the bereaved lawmaker shared online.

Yarmuth, however, has not been left entirely alone. He’s still got a tabby named Whiskey — very apropos for a pol from the land of bourbon — to comfort him.

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