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‘Hunger Games’ Plays Outside in NoMa Screen Series

As Congress continues its seemingly no-sum game of political brinkmanship over government funding, Obamacare and other issues, what better movie might illustrate the current public policy nihilism than last year’s breakout film “The Hunger Games”?

Based on the books by Suzanne Collins, partisans on the left and right found something to like in the tale of Katniss Everdeen and her struggle in the reality show fight to the death that gives the first book in the series and 2012 movie its name. There’s the exploitation of children for commercial gain. A corrupt capital that sticks it to the fly-over states. The all-encompassing reach of television.

The NoMa Summer Screen series is winding down in a few weeks, but until then, such flicks are still on for Wednesdays at the vacant lot that is Loree Grand Field at Second and L streets Northeast. Food trucks onsite tonight to feed the, ahem, hungry will be @DougtheFoodDude, @PoppedRepublic, @OrangeCowDC, @SomethingStuffed and @KaftaMania. “The Hunger Games” starts tonight at sun-down, but get there early to snag a good spot, nosh, listen to music and enjoy what’s left of summer in D.C.