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Jo Bonner Comes Full Circle in Funny Farewell Speech

Retiring Rep. Jo Bonner signed off from his career in public life with a self-effacing address recalling the unintentional sexy-talk he broadcast to millions a decade ago.

The Alabama Republican, who is stepping down from Congress to join the University of Alabama (Roll Tide!), took to the House floor Thursday to regale colleagues with the tale of his most embarrassing ad-lib of all time.

“I said, ‘We have a real problem with incest in South Alabama’. I said, in fact, ‘I would venture a guess, we have more problem with incest in my district in Alabama than in any other congressional district in America,’” Bonner shared of an off-the-cuff remark that was supposed to garner sympathy for an INSECT problem— pine beetles, to be exact — in his area.

Whether he’s simply misremembering things or hammed it up again for added effect or is open for debate.

All we know is C-SPAN caught just the one slip-up, not a full Freudian meltdown.

Regardless, Bonner hopes the gaffe helps remind lawmakers to laugh — especially at themselves — every once in a while.

“A little laughter from time to time is good medicine, as the doctor says. Perhaps our country needs to laugh a little more often as well … and stop yelling at each other and working closer together,” he suggested.

He then wrapped things up by slipping in one last inbreeding joke, just for old time’s sake.

“I would be extremely remiss if I didn’t say a special thank you to my wife Janée, our daughter Lee, and my son Robins, who like they were 10 years ago, are back home in Alabama, listening to your daddy talk about incest,” Bonner quipped. “Thank you for your love and support.”