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House GOP Aide Denies Sandbagging Filner Flack

House staffer Jeff Leieritz assures HOH that, contrary to what San Diego CityBeat says, he did not deliberately set out to ruin Lena Lewis — spokeswoman for embattled San Diego Mayor Bob Filner — when the pair posed for a now-infamous snapshot in Las Vegas.

Leieritz, who when we last caught up with him was accused of making waves at home by playing house with his fiancée, explained that he was in Las Vegas the weekend of Aug. 16 — bidding farewell to his single days (natch) — and did cozy up to Lewis, who was in the midst of her own bachelorette send-off, for a quick pic.

But he maintains that the encounter was purely serendipitous — not the premeditated takedown the West Coast weekly made it out to be on Monday.

“As a part of my bachelor party, I was prompted by friends to pose for pictures with several bachelorette parties who were also celebrating that night,” he said, suggesting that he and Lewis “just happened to be at the same location.”

“Any suggestion that I was involved in any ‘orchestrated’ activities against anyone is simply not true, and way overblown,” Leieritz asserted. “I’m very disappointed that this blogger jumped to such an outrageous conclusion.” In a previous political life, Leieritz worked for Republican Carl DeMaio, who is exploring a run for mayor of San Diego now that Filner is on his way out.

Leieritz did not address how Derek Wixon, whom he admitted to knowing in high school (“I have not seen him in several years,” Leieritz said), would have known enough about the piano bar shenanigans to brag on Facebook about bringing Lewis down, nor would he reveal who snapped the incriminating photo.

He did, however, suggest that the self-styled character assassin is still out there somewhere.

“I took a picture with someone during a personal trip to Las Vegas, and unfortunately, the picture was sent to a reporter against my will,” Leieritz stated.

Wixon did not respond to efforts to reach him for comment about potentially violating that most sacred of vows: What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.