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Flying Colors: Tanker Passes Critical Design Review

One of the most important tests a defense program must pass is the critical design review (CDR) which ensures that a program is ready to move to production. Earlier this summer, the U.S. Air Force and Boeing successfully completed the CDR for the KC-46A airborne refueling tanker.

Conducted by a joint Air Force and Boeing team, this important acquisition milestone validated final tanker design elements and concluded that the aircraft meets Air Force requirements, clearing the way for the next stages of the manufacturing process.

The KC-46A is a multi-role tanker that can refuel aircraft at any time, on any mission, while carrying passengers, cargo and patients when and where they are needed.  Based on the commercial Boeing 767 aircraft, this next-generation refueling tanker includes the latest and most advanced technology that will allow it to meet mission requirements well into the future. Its multi-role capability and high reliability enhance the aircraft without sacrificing the effectiveness on which the nation’s warfighters rely.

The next phase of the program includes the production of four test aircraft as well as flight testing and certification. Boeing remains on plan to deliver the initial 18 combat-ready tankers by 2017.

For more information on the KC-46A tanker program, click here.

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