PO’ed Tweeters Pile On John McCain

Posted September 4, 2013 at 4:06pm

In the 24 hours since he was caught sneaking a few hands of video poker during a Senate hearing attempting to hash out some way forward on Syria, outraged social media users have bombarded Sen. John McCain with some unequivocally brutal critiques.

The #JohnMcCainIsMoreUselessThan griping has been going full bore since Tuesday, with detractors incessantly firing off unflattering comparisons of the Arizona Republican to, well, everything.

The hit list of wasted efforts includes:








All the vitriol proved too much for Joel Ciszewski, who lashed out at all the random haters for ignoring the incredible sacrifices McCain has made while serving this country:

But in today’s click-to-judgment world, you’re only as relevant as your last meme.