TruOrleans: Feel the Hate!

Jason Dick
Posted September 13, 2013 at 4:40pm

Since the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue suspended operations at TruOrleans Tuesday, oh, how the hate has been flowing, and quite entertainingly at that.

TruOrleans in quieter times. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call.)
TruOrleans in quieter times. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

The very next day, Jessica Sidman posted an incredible story on the Washington City Paper’s Young and Hungry blog about just how messed up the situation has been at TruOrleans, detailing everything from fights breaking out over margarita bills to the fact that the owner, James “Tru” Redding, owes money to just about everyone he seems to have come into contact with.

Her story — artfully headlined “Let The Bad Times Roll: H Street NE’s Most Hated Restaurant Closes After Tax Troubles, Lawsuits, and a Food Fight” — was meticulous in tracing the money, complaints and drama associated with the H Street NE establishment. But the big popular reveal comes in the comments, where the schadenfreude flowed freely.

“As a resident who lives a few blocks away, I can’t tell you how excited I am to see TruOrleans disappear.” — NoMa Resident

“I heard the owner eats babies, too.” — Amanda Huginfuk

“To the dingbat owner — your business wasn’t losing $30K/month because of neighborhood harassment. You were losing your shirt because the food you served was absolutely awful and an utter disgrace to the culinary tradition of New Orleans.” — Ryan

“When this place opened, I was skeptical it could deliver a true New Orleans experience. Turns out that between the fights, the drunks, tax evasion and the public pissing/puking it achieved a genuine Bourbon Street flavor. Redding should be proud. And good riddance.” — DC

“You should have called us first.” — Tony Soprano.

All good stuff. Feel that hate!

Perhaps one of the more fun responses was offered on Twitter by Mark Eckenwiler, the 6C04 advisory neighborhood commissioner, who put together this string of anagrams of TruOrleans: “Errant Soul. Outré Snarl. Ornate Slur. Neural Rots. Ole Rat Runs.”

It was reminiscent of when LuLu’s Club Mardi Gras, another infamous Faux Orleans joint, closed its West End doors in 2006, delighting everyone except for underage George Washington University students.