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Warren Brown Unveils Cake Bites, Served in a Jar

Just when you thought the capital’s starch-and-sugar world was stable, Warren Brown and his team at Cake Love are unveiling Cake Bites, a new confection with cream cheese icing that’s served in a 4-ounce jar.

According to Brown, the inspiration for Cake Bites came from customers and supporters, as well as his two young kids, who have prompted him to “always looks for stuff that’s easy to serve, so the jar was perfect,” he told CQ Roll Call.

Cake Bites retail for $3.99 each, and flavors will change seasonally. The current lineup features Pumpkin, Red Velvet, Chocolate Downfall (ganache, chocolate cake, chocolate cream cheese icing), Salty Caramel, Carrot, Chocolate Peanut Butter and Cookie Dough.

When asked if crazy creations like the cronut had anything to do with this new invention, Brown replied, “Cronuts and other smash-up foods have inspired us for sure, but it really was driven by feedback.”

“We listened to what people really love at Cake Love,” continued Brown, “and from February through June we held a series of focus groups and listening sessions to see how we can better serve our base.”

Brown said he had no idea there was a lot of anxiety about how to neatly eat a cupcake, and the confection was almost called Cake in a Jar before he settled on Cake Bites.

Jars are resealable so they keep the cake fresher longer and are great for on the go, served at either room temperature or cold. They are also recyclable.

“They’re made of a BPA-free plastic … and the shelf life refrigerated is easily a week, frozen will be longer,” Brown explained.

“I love them straight from the freezer,” he confided, adding that “it’s better than ice cream because it doesn’t get rock hard, the air in the icing prevents it from seizing up.”

Currently, Cake Bites are only available at Cake Love shops, but Brown is working on finalizing the logistics to supply local gourmet grocers and commercial clients with the sweet treats soon.

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