Marine Corps Times Exclusive: “Marine Scout Sniper in Urination Video Controversy Speaks Out”

Posted September 24, 2013 at 12:58pm

Marine Corps Times runs an exclusive interview with Sgt. Rob Richards  who, with “three other Marines made a decision that would erupt into an international controversy five months later: They urinated on the enemy they had just killed, laughing as they did so.”

The story continues: “The scout sniper and his wife of more than six years, Raechel, 25, met with Marine Corps Times on Sept. 11 for a wide-ranging 90-minute discussion in their Jacksonville, N.C., home. It marked the first interview he has done in the 19 months since the video was posted. Richards discussed the operations that led to his scout sniper platoon killing more than 230 enemy fighters, his fight to deploy with 3/2 despite sustaining major injuries in an IED strike in 2010, and his struggle with post-traumatic stress, among other topics.”