Obama: GOP Can’t Shut Obamacare Down

Posted September 30, 2013 at 5:12pm

President Barack Obama vowed his health care law would take effect no matter what Congress does Monday — even if they shut down much of the rest of the government.

“You can’t shut it down,” Obama said of Obamacare in a statement from the White House. He said that the House should pass the Senate’s clean spending bill, but in the meantime, starting tomorrow tens of millions of Americans will be able to purchase affordable health insurance.

He warned that a shutdown would throw a wrench into the economy just five years after the financial crisis, while sending hundreds of thousands of federal workers home without pay and sending hundreds of thousands of other federal workers to work without getting a paycheck.

That would hurt their families and the economy, the president said.

He said Congress should keep government open, never again threaten the full faith and credit of the government and then negotiate on the budget.

Obama lambasted tea party Republicans who have pushed vigorously to undermine the president’s signature legislative achievement, saying “one faction of one party” should not be allowed to “shut down the government just to fight the results of an election.”

Meanwhile, House Republicans were preparing to vote for the third time to add Obamacare-related provisions to a continuing resolution — this time a one-year delay of the individual mandate to buy health insurance. Earlier in the day, the Senate voted to table or kill the House’s attempt to attach a one-year delay of the health care law and a repeal of a medical device tax to the spending bill. Senate Democrats said they would do the same with the next salvo from the House.