Curbside Cupcakes Clocks In to Capitol Corridor

Jason Dick
Posted October 18, 2013 at 5:00pm

Release the carbohydrates!

Curbside Cupcakes officially opened its Hill East brick-and-mortar cafe this week, doing a little soft opening on Monday and dispensing cupcakes, coffee and doughnuts (Doughcakes? Cupnuts? Coughnutcakes?) for real on Tuesday.

Your cupcake awaits. (Courtesy of a Roll Call After Dark tipster.)
Your cupcake awaits. (Courtesy a Roll Call After Dark tipster)

The Curbside gang, known for its eponymous pink trunks, had been prepping the takeover of the long-vacated Crepes on the Corner at 15th and C streets Southeast.

Curbside makes a nice complement to The Pretzel Bakery down the way at 15th and D streets Southeast, powering up a sweet-savory, carb-load, Capitol Hill Starch Corridor punch.