Self-Helper Urges Staffers to Let It All Out

Posted October 18, 2013 at 1:32pm

As pundits turn to hashing out the economic and political implications of the recent government shutdown, behavioral coach Beverly Flaxington wants put-upon staffers to know that while they can’t control high-level political stalemates, they can attempt to control the emotional fallout.

“People are on these ups and downs,” Flaxington said. “We let ourselves be taken away.”

Throughout the 16-day federal standoff, Flaxington estimates many people likely accumulated unnecessary feelings of hopelessness and helplessness. And that needs to be discussed.

“I mean, people are getting sick over this,” she said, noting that even non-furloughed workers were undoubtedly affected by the administrative chaos.

Aside from voting and calling their local representatives, Flaxington suggested there’s probably not much the average American can do about partisan bickering in Congress. Still, if people can’t handle the stress of the ongoing shutdown coverage or other political news coming from their TV, Flaxington has three words for them: “Shut if off!”

To wit, Flaxington does appear to be taking her own medicine in response to all the toxic back-and-forth in government.

“I’m a happily registered independent,” she informed HOH.