Meghan McCain Chats Up Dad on Pivot TV

(CQ Roll Call File Photo)
(CQ Roll Call File Photo)
Posted October 23, 2013 at 12:37pm

Politically incorrect pundit Meghan McCain returns to Arizona for this week’s installment of “Raising McCain,” a homecoming that allows her to turn the camera on her outspoken paterfamilias, Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain.

While mom Cindy has popped up in previous episodes of her daughter’s reality-style trek across America for the millennial-chasing Pivot network, this appears to be the first time the former GOP presidential contender has made an appearance this season.

During the reunion, Meghan McCain makes a point of picking her father’s brain about life within the political bubble — including asking how he deals with being constantly trolled:

“You’ve just gotta develop a thick skin,” the senator opines.

It’s unclear whether comedian Michael Ian Black was intended to be the comic relief or is there specifically to test John McCain’s tolerance levels, but Meghan McCain clearly invited him along to help stir the pot. The two became celebrity besties while out promoting their political tome, “America, You Sexy Bitch.”

John McCain seems to enjoy having Black around, taking multiple shots at the left-leaning satirist throughout the course of the visit:

The show airs at 10 p.m. Saturday on Dish Network (channel 197) and DIRECTV (267) in D.C. and Northern Virginia, and on Verizon (287) in NoVa.