Hill Navigator Returns

Posted November 18, 2013 at 2:01pm

It seems not too long ago that Hill Navigator was penning columns on maternity leave and the need for all working parents to be able to take time off without fear of losing a job or health insurance.

But even the best of maternity leaves come to an end.

Hill Navigator is back — in a full-time capacity — and waiting for your questions. Or your comments. Or angry tweets. Whatever it may be.

A word of thanks: I am particularly grateful to Roll Call’s editorial team for their flexibility in allowing me to file stories at odd hours and taking on a number of my editing duties in my absence. Particular thanks to Hill Navigator’s editor, Jason Dick, who made sure that each of the Hill Navigator posts ran on schedule, and to Roll Call’s social-media guru, Cyra Master, who made sure Hill Navigator was included on Roll Call’s social-media outlets each week.

I still believe that every new parent — especially those who work for our government right here in Washington, D.C. — deserve the option of maternity and paternity leave. Even with all the benefits that the Family and Medical Leave Act provides for some, congressional offices still have some catching up to do.

Until then, please keep sending all your questions, quirks and candid comments about all things Capitol Hill.