Does Pentagon’s Alternative Fuel Cost Too Much?

Posted November 19, 2013 at 9:20am

The Los Angeles Times reports that “when the U.S. Navy sailed an imposing fleet near Hawaii that was powered in part by algae and used cooking grease, environmentalists weren’t the only ones who were thrilled.”

“Executives at bioenergy startups in the San Francisco Bay Area, Chicago and elsewhere — and the venture capitalists backing them — had reason to cheer. The Obama administration has made the military, the largest consumer of energy in the country, a financial lifeline for cash-strapped alternative fuel innovators.”

“But the pilot voyage of the Navy’s ‘great green fleet’ came with a troubling aspect: price.”

“The fleet’s green fuel costs $26 a gallon, several times more than conventional diesel and jet fuel. And the costly experiment came just as the military moved into an era of deep budget cuts.”